Advanced Fluid Dynamics (2019-2020)

Prof. Paul Dellar
External Lecturer(s): 
Prof. Alex Schekochihin
General Prerequisites: 

Basic familiarity with fluid equations and stress tensors as provided, e.g., by Kinetic Theory

Course Term: 
Course Weight: 
1.00 unit(s)

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Course Overview: 

Areas: CMT, Astro.
Prequels: Kinetic Theory (MT), an undergraduate course on Fluid Dynamics.
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Course Syllabus: 

Part I. Magnetohydrodynamics (10 lectures)
MHD equations: conservation laws in a conducting fluid; Maxwell stress/magnetic forces; induction equation; Lundquist theorem, flux freezing, amplification of magnetic field. MHD in a strong guide field: MHD waves; high-beta and anisotropic limits and orderings; incompressible MHD, Elsasser MHD, Reduced MHD. Static MHD equilibria, force-free solutions, helicity, Taylor relaxation. Energy principle. Instabilities: interchange, Z-pinch.
Part II. Complex fluids (6 lectures) Fluid mechanics with general extra
stress. Dilute suspension of spheres: Einstein viscosity. Dilute suspension of bead-spring pairs leading to the Oldroyd-B model for polymeric liquids: Elastic waves and normal stress differences (anisotropic pressure). Jeffery's equation for orientable axisymmetric particles. Dilute suspensions of such particles: road map to liquid crystals, swimmers, active matter.