B7.2 Electromagnetism (2019-2020)

Prof. Xenia de la Ossa
General Prerequisites: 


Course Term: 
Course Lecture Information: 

16 lectures

Course Weight: 
1.00 unit(s)
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Course Overview: 

The idea is to have a classical course on Electromagnetism, similar to the one in a theoretical Physics degree. We will follow closely the book by Jackson, first 8 chapters.

Learning Outcomes: 

Students will have a clear understanding of what electromagnetism is, they will dominate many techniques and will be able to solve most classic problems of electromagnetism. This course should also enable them to continue learning by themselves, or take more advanced courses.

Course Synopsis: 

Basics of electrostatics;

Boundary value problems in electrostatics;

Multipoles, electrostatics of macroscopic media, dielectrics;


Time-varying fields, Maxwell equations, conservation laws;

Plane electromagnetic waves;

Wave guides and resonant cavities [if time allows]

Reading List: 

The lectures will follow:

  1. J.D. Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics (John Wiley, 1962), chapters 1 to 8.

Please note that e-book versions of many books in the reading lists can be found on SOLO and ORLO.

Further Reading: 
  1. R. Feynman, Lectures in Physics, Vol.2. Electromagnetism, Addison Wesley.
  2. L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz, A classical theory of fields Volume 2.